Reysaş was founded in 1989 with its head office in Ankara, and has started its commercial operations with a limited number of trucks, rented vehicles, a limited number of personnel and within the scope of limited fields of activities. During the ensuing period of 5 years, Reysaş has accomplished a rapid growth, has substantially increased its customer profile, and during the early years of operation, it has already increased the number of its trucks to 120. As of today, the number of vehicles transported by Reysaş has reached millions; and the company is continuing its operations both in Turkey and abroad, with more than 1500 vehicles (excluding the vehicles employed in special operations conducted abroad)..

Reysaş has started providing its services in the logistics sector, in the areas of Vehicle Transportation, Logistics, International Transportation, Fuel Transportation, Forwarding and Warehousing. Within a short period of time, Reysaş has increased its market share in the logistics sector, and extended the scope of its operations to international cargo transportation, which contributed to the growth and development of the firm within a short period of time. During this period, Reysaş extended its operations in international cargo transportation, and began providing its services in an area that included all the territories from The Netherlands to Kazakhstan. The numbers of operations achieved by the end of 1994 have exceeded 3000.

As a firm that grants top priority to technological investments, Reysaş is acknowledged as the first company that has employed satellite systems in the monitoring of vehicles. Through the satellite systems employed in cargo transportation, it is possible to communicate with the drivers in writing through electronic media, and accordingly, the data relating to shipments, distances and costs can be determined through computers.

Warehouse management services are provided to the clients in frigorific and textile warehouses equipped with high technology equipment consisting of barcodes and RF (radio frequency) systems. In automotive industry, while JIT (Just In Time) distribution and accumulation services are realized, transfer of information is provided to the customers and the suppliers of the customers in electronic media through internet based applications (Oplog-Optimization Logistics), maximum capacity utilization and performance is ensured through vehicle/load optimization. In addition to this, the performance of the driver, loading and discharge periods are monitored by using the driver-monitoring system (Poliroute).

With semi-trailers, most of which are very young, with characteristics such as the capacity to carry 6, 2 or 4 cars, Frigorific equipment, Upper Decks, Suspension Equipment, Lift Equipment, “Seagull Wings”, and with other types of commercial vehicles, Reysaş is capable of meeting varying types of demands, and offers a wide range of transportation services to the major corporations. A brief examination on the current place of Reysaş in logistics sector, its customer profile and its turnover, will show that the company has accomplished a significant progress within a period of 11-12 years.

The official headquarters of Reysaş is in İstanbul; and the company runs administrative branches in Ankara, Adapazarı, İzmit, Bursa, Adana, Antalya.

Reysaş Taşımacılık ve Lojistik A.Ş. has also succeeded to remain in Turkey’s agenda continuously, and add value to Turkey with its operations that it has realized as a business investment firm. In addition to the foreign currency inflow that it provides to the country’s economy; it also offers a substantial contribution with its investments and assistance that it offers in the field of education.

Reysaş Taşımacılık ve Lojistik A.Ş. continues to perform its operations as a corporation that is sensitive to environmental issues and that seeks to contribute to the solution of environmental problems. In all establishments owned by the company, including the service buildings where the company personnel work (24 hours a day on department basis); the firm adopts a strict policy on the treatment of waste products, and through the operations conducted jointly with the municipality and the private enterprises; such waste products are discharged to the concerned units, and are properly destroyed with great care and attention.

The items made of paper utilized in the routine office activities, are reprocessed and presented to the disposal of the office personnel during the initial phase; and are subsequently transferred to the concerned units for purposes of recycling.

Reysaş is using environment friendly unleaded fuel in its cars, and is continuously encouraging its personnel to use unleaded fuel.

Reysaş is exerting optimum effort to reflect its commitment to the attainment of the superior quality to the services that it provides to its customers; and by affixing the symbol referring to the initials of the 4 words that represent the standards adopted by Reysaş regarding this subject matter: HSE_Q (Health, Safety, Environment - Quality), on the specially designed uniforms of its drivers; it ensures the continuity and the permanence of its commitment to these standards.

Our Mission

While offering ‘complete solution’ services in the area of logistics as a pioneer firm and as a brand name in the international arena, to produce alternatives for customized services designed for the special needs of the customers; to continuously raise the targets in the sector, and to derive optimum advantages from the opportunities offered by the new technologies.

Our Vision

To increase the number of our strategic partners by using highly specialized and trained labor force, the latest developments in high technology and to become an acknowledged brand name in the logistics sector.

Our Values

Contribution to country’s economy and education
Focus on Customer Satisfaction
Consciousness towards the Environment